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WinUAE crashes on "rs"

Your fix seemes to have solved my fread() issue.

Now I get a unitilized access later which I am inverstigating currently.
I wanted to see where it happened and entered "rs" to show the stackframe. It shows the following lines and then crashes. Please find dump and bootloag attached.


70008066 -> 7000a4b0 SP=7011f488 [0024A8] Segment 1: 000003e9 70008000-7009f62f _main
70008066 [00005E] 4eb9 7000 a4b0           JSR $7000a4b0 _main
7000806C [000064] 2f40 0004                MOVE.L D0,(A7, $0004) == $7011f48c [00000003]

7000b9cc -> 70009fe4 SP=7011f404 [001FDC] Segment 1: 000003e9 70008000-7009f62f
7000B9CC [0039C4] 4eba e616                JSR (PC,$e616) == $70009fe4
7000B9D0 [0039C8] 2039 700b 90cc           MOVE.L $700b90cc [00000000],D0

7000a124 -> 7004601c SP=7011f3e8 [03E014] Segment 1: 000003e9 70008000-7009f62f __Z10LoadPhDataPi
7000A124 [00211C] 4eb9 7004 601c           JSR $7004601c __Z10LoadPhDataPi
7000A12A [002122] 588f                     ADDA.L #$04,A7

7004644e -> 7009b6a0 SP=7011f3ac [093698] Segment 1: 000003e9 70008000-7009f62f _memcpy
memcpy (F)
7004644E [03E446] 4eb9 7009 b6a0           JSR $7009b6a0 _memcpy
memcpy (F)
70046454 [03E44C] 4fef 000c                LEA.L (A7, $000c) == $7011f3b8,A7

7009b6cc -> 400005c0 SP=7011f394
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