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Thanks for the replies and the download link. It looks like my issue was actually with the "Ikari".

Clearly, I don't have the technical knowledge to understand why, but the "Ikari" file that gets produced by the 2.0 version of WHDload install script is significantly different from Retroplay's installed version.

I went through the 2.0 installation process again and once I'd finished:

1) Renamed "IWHD" to "IkariWarriors.Slave" (as both IWHD output from 2.0 install and "IkariWarriors.Slave" have identical content)
2) Deleted the existing "Ikari" and replaced it with Retroplay's ""
3) Ran "Ikari Warriors" from within Workbench and it worked.

While I don't understand why one version works and the other doesn't, I'm just happy to have a working version, so thanks again!
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