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New Ikari Warriors Release

Hi Guys.

Wondered if anyone else has had a chance to look over the new Ikari Warriors update that Stingray just released.

Using a 4000, i tried to recopy the slave over to update but appeared quite messy than the regular updates, so i did a clean install from a non cracked version. It proceeds along fine and completes with no errors. When double clicking the icon, i get a requestor...
Unable to open your tool 'Ikari Warriors'

Stingray seems to have mixed things up a bit, checking the icon it doesn't look for a .slave but a file called IWHD which is present in the folder i installed to. But the error is correct, i don't have a tool called "Ikari Warriors" in the install folder, only 4 files (and the data directory holding the disk image)
readme + Icon
IWHD and the Ikari Warriors icon.

Any ideas?

Anyone else had a chance to update their version?
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