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Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
The only difference between 1.1.5 and 1.1.5test1 is that the texture used for text rendering / caching is 1024x1024 instead of 2048x2048. (Current consequence of using 1024x1024 (without further modification) is that the text strings cannot be as long, and fewer strings can be cached).

(But the strange thing is that the 2048x2048 texture works fine on a much older and weaker Intel GMA 945 chipset / Acer Aspire One..)

Hehe, yes it's strange
On my side, it's now better (almost like the 1.0.x versions). It's not perfect because the FS-UAE window can't be used when it has been minimized and restored (but this time, no crash ).
I've noticed that switching from full screen to window takes a lot of time too. The image is not displayed/resized instantly (compared to the old versions)

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