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I was given a rpi2 and gave latest amibian 1.4.1001 a go.

First it didn't work then in some settings I saw it was configured for rpi3 and I changed it to aberrypi2 and now it works.

I also saw like other option to chose chips4arm or something like that. What would that be?

I tried quickstart cd32 and the sound stuttered from the very beginning.
Then I picked up A4000 emulation with my hdfs and sysinfo gave just 2.71 mips.

Am I missing something?

I powered it with plain phone charger lying around so rpi is undervoltage, could that slow it that much?

Findings after another session:
RPi was undervoltage cause of cable... replaced and it doesn't complain anymore.
Naturally I overclocked it immediately to 1000mhz.
With Chips uae4arm I get up to 117mips.
But its obviously just pure cpu speed.
As soon as some chipset gets involed fps drops to 30fps.
The only thing that helps is checking 'Fast copper'. With that fps remains 50 but 100% compatibility is gone fore sure.
Do actually everyone settles with this?

The other thing I'd like to know.
Did someone try cd32 games with audiotracks?
I have .cue files with both wavs and mp3s and with them emulated cd32 doesn't boot. With plain .iso it does.

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