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I've played around with Amibian and a few other emulator packages on my RPI 3, and I have a question about the UAE versions.

For general use, 0.5 works great. My Workbench setup (OS 3.9+ClassicWB) is very responsive in RTG mode running at 1920x1080 32-bit. Icons (NewIcons) pop up very quickly, and everything is nice and smooth, getting around 130+ MIPS in SysInfo.
However, some more advanced AGA games are really slow. Aliend Breed 3D runs about the same as a stock A1200, ie. not really playable. This is a good test of emulation speed since it relies heavily on the CPU, memory and chipset (copper).

If I switch to 0.4, AB3D is super-smooth. Indistinguishable from WinUAE running on my Windows PC. However this version only has 4 MB video RAM available, lacks 4:3 aspect ratio correction and I can't make sense of the control settings.
So why is there such a difference in speed? Is there some hidden setting I can change to make 0.5 run the chipset emulation at full speed?

Another thing, I think it would be good if Amibian automatically enabled SMB and shared the Amiga folders. That way you could easily transfer files from your PC or Mac over the network. It can of course be enabled manually, but not everyone will be skilled enough in Linux to do this.
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