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Originally Posted by dannyp1 View Post
I guess I'm in the minority in thinking that the more patches I use the better. If the patch is a good patch and fixes a problem or speeds things up I'm all for it. The problem is bad or buggy patches. That's where I think a list like is proposed here would really help.
You are not alone.
Here are just a few...

RAWBinfo     - workbench.library
 PNG icon support

AfA          - dos,diskfont,intuition,exec,graphics,gadtools and icon.library
 tt fonts,png icons,32bit skins

MemTrailer   - exec.library
 prevent trashed memory

TagLife      - utility.library
 optimized assembler routines to get a faster TagList support

CoolIO       - dos.library
 datatypes support for old software

MagicMenu    - exec and intuition.library
 popup menus

MCP          - dos,exec,gadtools,icon and intuition.library
 lots of stuff, enable the wrong thing and say hello boot with no s-s

Modepro      - intuition.library
 Screenmode promoter for old software

PatchASL     - exec.library
 a nice MUI replacement

PatchControl - exec.library
 helper tool for MCP (e.g. makes on the fly changes possible)

Scalos       - workbench.library
 just to maintain compatibility

xfdPatch     - dos.library
 open xfdpacked files directly
Not to mention the WBStarup folder.

The whole system feels like a construct of scotchtape,hotglue,nails,staples,skrews,bolts,welding wire,a good amount of luck,lots of time and a tiny little bit solid material.
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