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Originally Posted by midwan View Post
Moving the AFA OS libs into a Disabled directory helped, ...
Usually, this is only required when DOpus5.9x is installed. With DOpus5.82 or the Workbench AfA_OS works stable, at least as long as you use Hi/TrueColor-screens.

... then I started moving them back one by one to find out which one caused the crash: it was icon_lib.exe in the end.

I guess there's something going on with either the latest layers.library or the latest icon.library in combination with it, since those are the only two new components from what I remember, since the system used to work.
No, on my AmiKit 8.1 setup I can use AfA_OS completely installed together with the latest icon.library, layers.library and rtg.library on WB 3.9 without crashes. Did you insert a Wait 1 or 2 above IPrefs ?

It's true that AfA_OS needs its very specific OS environment to run stable. But I don't want to bash against AfA_OS in general here with respect for Bernd, although I dislike the way he tried to extend OS 3.9.

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