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Thanks Peter,

I'm not using FBlit at all actually. I am using DOpus 5.91 (the latest dev snapshot) but not as WB-replacement, so I can launch it when I need to.

My problem with AFA OS manifests itself as soon as the Workbench screen is opened during boot, which normally is when LoadWB is called. It is probably a combination with IPrefs calling the selected screenmode as well, since if I try to manually run each line from the startup-sequence except IPrefs (to keep the shell open so I can continue running commands), AFAOS does not crash.

Also, I was testing CGX4 a few weeks ago before I decided to test P96. AFA OS was working for me there, it failed to work immediately with my P96 installation. Since other components were updated at the same time, I'm still trying to figure out which one is causing this since I doubt it's the P96 system in general.

The updates I have in my system are from BB2+BB4, with the addition of the HSMathLibs which I have registered. All the updated modules/libraries are placed in my Deneb. I'm also using MMULib, Poseidon, HappyENV, new layers.library (45.27), new icon.library (46.4.404) and a few BlizKick modules: IntAckFix, FixGetMsg, BBlank, NewAlert.

I just updated some pieces from the latest BB4 package, so I was about to run another test. To simplify things, I was also considering making a secondary bootable partition with the same contents, minus P96 (and put CGX there instead). That way the only difference would be the RTG platform, though I know that some pieces might have to change as well (I believe the new layers.lib doesn't play well with CGX?).

Update: even with the BB4 updates, I still get a crash when WB loads with AFA OS enabled:

Task: 0x087547B0 Workbench
Error: 0x80000003 "DEADEND" by: System: no alert occured
Cause: Illegal address access (ie: odd)

I realize this is unrelated to this thread so I won't bother you any more with it, just wanted to show the kind of problems that could hopefully be avoided if we had a sort of a "wiki" for these things. ;-)

I'd be happy to set-up the platform and host it on a server of mine, if people would help with the content?

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