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I like this idea!

I was also considering something similar these days, since I got to do a fresh installation of 3.9 on my A4000 and I had to track down what extra stuff is needed to update the environment.

Although I tried to keep the list to a minimum, it wasn't long after I started seeing instability problems due to combinations of things.

For example, AFA_OS currently doesn't work for me (Line 1111 emulator error on Workbench as soon as LoadWB is loaded) after I switched from CGX to P96, and I'm trying to isolate the component that causes this.

A sort of a wiki in this respect identifying which are the recommended updates/patches and in which combination they cause problems would be fantastic. It should also include information about obsolete patches with newer version of components.

In a perfect world, we would have an updated package of everything you need after a 3.9 installation which is maintained with new releases - perhaps something like the BB4 project mentioned elsewhere in this forum.
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