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AmigaOS Patch Guide

It's difficult to have a stable system after applying many different patches. There are lots of combination and also rom modules that supposedly fix some of the stuff the patches do. The order of patches in your Startup-Sequence and even WB-Startup drawer is important.

What do you think about such a project? A guide about patches for AmigaOS 3.1 & 3.9 ?

For example different variations of essential patches and how to use them on their 020-030-040-060, AGA-CGX-P96 Amigas. (stackattack, mcpramlibpatch, reqattack, cyreq, reqtools, reqchange, mcp, icon.library, cosmos patches, don adan patches, boingbag3&4, loadmodule, blizkick, Picasso96, Cybergraphx, fblit, ftext, etc...)

For example I have installed lot's of them and now trying to drag and drop another icon into rawbinfo's icon information window causes deadend guru. (I will eventually find the problem but still..)

Or for example if I disable assignwedge from mcp but enable it inside reqchange, I get a reboot after choosing an option (like mount or cancel) from the assignwedge window. I use mcp's option to overcome this.

If there was such a guide these kind of set backs could be avoided.

From what I see, there are also lots of people who are reluctant to use for example a very nice patch collection like boingbag3&4. For example most people probably aren't aware that they have to use some kind of stackattack patch.
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