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Any version should be fine, but try the WHDLoad variant to make sure it uses the same conditions
no problem on Project-X, but then, I notice this one doesn't use the KickEmu 3.1 in WHDload like Worms DC does, and I wonder if that has an effect?

Please try without any hacks / modifications to your WHDLoad install
Tried removing my WHDload folder completely as requested and I still had the bug. Still not problem on the Launcher though.

You can try to put an explicit fullscreen_mode = desktop in FS-UAE Launcher settings (and quit) before starting Arcade, to force FS-UAE Arcade to use that mode and see what happens then...
I tried Fullscreen_mode = desktop in the Advanced settings of launcher, exited, and reloaded Arcade... it made no difference.

I also tried Fullscreen_mode = window and it was still the same? The option appears to be ignored by FS-Arcade?

I feel bad that nothing here has worked so far!
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