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Amiga Lore Public Beta Testing

Today I'm releasing a new site called Amiga Lore for public testing on the EAB.

Amiga Lore is a companion site to the Hall of Light and includes such features as ratings, lists, reviews, comments, articles, interviews and so on. Therefore, it deals with the subjective side of the Amiga whereas the HOL is more objective. It is powered by data from the Amiga Magazine Rack and the HOL.

I'm also hoping to replace the basic portal with Lore. Furthermore, I've incorporated the Amiga Games That Weren't and Amiga Point of View sites into the site.

Please test the site and send me bug reports, feedback and feature requests.

The following points should be kept in mind:

- The site makes heavy use of JavaScript (through the ExtJS library) so it won't work on real Amigas (sorry!).

- I'm useless at design. If any designer wants to help make the site look better then it'd be welcome (although Metin Seven of Hoi fame did some excellent header banners for the site, which do look great).

- There is a lot of missing content on the site because most of it is user-generated.

- If you are logged into the EAB (or the AMR) you should be logged into Amiga Lore and vice versa because the sites share the Abime cookie. The username and password is the same as on the EAB.

- Watch out for bugs!

- Here's a bug report thread and a feedback and ideas thread.
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