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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
The shop I purchased my 1200 from was closed down, knocked down and the land is now part of the Westfield Centre in Derby, specifically Debenhams or Next as they are in the approximate location.
I think I know the place. It was called Intoto and had a sizeable collection of PD stuff as well. It was out the back of the Eagle Centre, near Argos. I used to get a lot of my Amiga stuff from there. In fact, it was the first place I saw an A500 (running the Miami Vice demo) and it blew me away!

There was another Amiga-based computer shop down Sadler Gate in Derby called Track Computers. They sold other stuff, but they were all Amigans at heart. I used to roll along to their Kick Off league matches. Track became a clothes shop, but that was a-g-e-s ago!!

There was also a small shop in the Guildhall Market. Can't remember the name, but they'd run you off a copy of a pd or coverdisc if you asked nicely.
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