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Well, your mileage may vary always applies. I mean many coders/hackers, had to find the way to bugfix and enhance the OS, without any peak at the sources. So the task is not easy at all, and requires a lot of talented and dedicated people.

Unfortunately, we have no stability or regression tests. The answer is simple: This is not a commercial funded effort. So basically, a coder develops his own version of xxx.library, tests it a bit and fixes it, then shares it with a small group of testers, which send feedback, and if everything goes okay, then it is released. But then, bugs will and can always surface in any part of the process.
Let me put it this way: This project is based on the good will, passion, work and interest to push forward AmigaOS 3.9, which is as you all know the last 68k AmigaOS made available for our beloved platform.

So really, I dont know in which category you should put BoingBag 4, it is upto you to decide.
I wrote that it is a work in progress, because there are still some new components to be added, that are being tested as we speak (datatypes.library and diskfont.library for example).

I hope this helps you to decide

PS: If you install it and report any issues, or even good performance, you are actually helping all of us.


Loadmodule11 is there because many people had problems with some modules. I never used loadresident, but it sounds it does pretty much the same. Just beware with the syntax and parameters, they will probably be slightly different. Read its docs.

I didnt have that issue with discoloring. You should probably check that there isnt any non standart patch doing funny things, and then if you still happen to suffer the same issue, I recommend to contact Cosmos, who may be able to help you narrow down the offending bug, if any.

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