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Originally Posted by gimbal View Post
Hancock! Saw it two weeks ago. I rate it a 6.5, it starts really great and funny and then halfway through the movie SOMEBODY decided that it should have more backstory, so a lot of useless elements are introduced that turn the movie into a drama, ditching most of the humor altogether. I can clearly see that the original idea for the movie was totally different and more in sync with the first half, but I am guessing some hollywood dick turned it into a piece of crap due to "artistic vision".
I knew it After watching the really funny trailer I said to some friends that after the first hilarious half the 'political correct' Hollywood shit will wipe all fun from the screen. Damn it don't these pricks ever want to have fun? There was really some potential in the approach, but that 'dramatic turning point' *spits out* does it Thanks for letting me know the second half is pure crap. These things tend to ruin my day completely
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