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General Movie discussions

The old threads have died so I am creating a new one

Saw X-Files: I Want To Believe in the cinema friday. I must say that it is a really fun and a bit disturbing EPISODE of the X-Files. Yep, it is not really a movie, it is just a long episode that you can watch without needing to see the original series. The acting is fine as always, with a bit more humor thrown into the Mulder character. The humor is needed because the rest of the movie is very dark, gloomy and as I said a little disturbing. It is a fine attempt at recreating the older X-files atmosphere that died in the late part of the series. I can recommend forking over the rediculous amount of cash for a ticket to see it on the big screen, if you are a fan that is. If not... well see it on DVD/Blu-ray anyway.

Just to note, I was even more entertained by the obvious X-Files nerd sitting one row in front of me. A seemingly young guy with the hair of Jack Osbourne, that actually CLAPPED EXCITEDLY LIKE A GIRL when an old regular from the series appeared in the movie, and during the Mulder/Scully scenes he was leaning on the seat in front of him, staring dreamily at the screen with a smile that only people in love can have... sick!
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