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Stick out tongue Amiga Magazine Rack launched!

Finally after more than 2 years, the ultimate Amiga magazines website has been launched!

Firstly I want to thank the following:

Galaxy - Thousands of scans, disks, indexing mags, many great ideas!
RCK - Hosting the site, colour scheme, some source code and ideas!
Tim Janssen - Scanning, indexing mags, Zero mag information
Cody Jarrett - Amiga Power database, Amiga Power covers, indexing
Dr Bong - Indexing mags
Duke - Scanning, indexing mags
Beta testers - You know who you are!

And of course Mort for his amazing scans!

Some interesting stats:

Total reviews: 29703
Total page scans: 21166
Total reviews with page scans: 12532

We are keen to fill all gaps in the site, so if you have anything we are missing (coverscans - eg CU May 1990, disk scans etc) please let us know!

Because the site is brand new, there are bound to be a few bugs! Please bear with us and we will try and fix them as they are reported. There will be a few more pages added over the next few days aswell.

The Hall of Light will soon have all the reviews for each game on the game information pages too.

One other thing to be aware of, to stop massive leeching you will be limited to 100 images viewed per day for the moment. We will monitor the leeching and tweak this when we find out how much of RCK's traffic it is chewing up! Please report any problems here for the time being!

On with the show! Enjoy!

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