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New packages - now in RAR format due to multiple requests to drop 7zip.

Decided to do this update early due to some critical compatibility issues.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Dopus 416 and certain 3.1 ROMS.
  • When a disk is busy, being formatted or not recognised (NDOS) its icon doesn't default back to the original Commodore 2-colour effort. Now uses a replacement.
  • Shell directory feature added to popup menus – open the path of a windows drawer directly into shell.
  • Floppy Disk Caching program added under tools menu (Enable FDC).
  • Personal Paint added to non-P96 packages.
  • Perfect Paint replaces Personal Paint in P96 version (better RTG support).
  • Dopus 416 - missing .CLA file added and undergone a big update.
  • Dopus IconInfo command changed so it’s compatible with newicons.
  • Dopus buttons altered – big improvements.
  • KCon (shell replacement) now has a close button on the window.
  • Changed the Scalos Prefs to "Mac selection" (no need to hold shift to move multiple files) and un-checked "non mask click" (transparent areas on newicons are still selectable).
  • Optimised some icons – should load slightly quicker.
  • Tidied “Icons” drawer in ADVSP version to reduce the folder size.
  • Removed TopazPatch from ADV/SP/P96 due to compatibility issues.
  • Replaced some prefs programs with MUI versions in ADV/SP/P96.
  • Updated and added more archive .exe files to directory c.
  • Improved startup-scripts for 3.1 users.
  • Edited some stack values for improved safety with certain programs.
  • Various script and menu enhancements.
  • Changed TUDE window back to icons. List mode caused some issues.
  • Changed download packaging to pre-3.0 RAR archives, which are supported in a wide range of OS formats including the Amiga.

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