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Originally Posted by Solo Kazuki View Post
That's already done. You can use up to about 56kHz (x2 of 28kHz limit) playback with using 30kHz screen modes (DblPAL/DblNTSC etc) or using this patch.
The purpose is to use 15khz screens.

About Cyber56khz, from the .readme:

CyberGraphX V3

Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
After reading Toni discoveries i must say overall fact that UHRES is implemented mean register address can't be used by something else... bad news. Seem indirect addressing is only way to add more registers and provide backward compatibility.
I've no idea what your project and relative limitations are, but can't you maybe add RGA lines?

EDIT: hmm, and you have to find a way to solve mirror zones incompatibilities
(a register in the old mapping that tells you if you can use the new ones, so you can fork code)

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