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When I worked on TV, we had Pal Standard, and maximum res was 768x576 (if I remember correctly).
This is max resolution I could render my 3D intros, and had to check "lower field first", in my 3D app, otherwise it would flicker...
Now, I know they used (before I get the job) Amiga, and Skala app to drive some static commercials, and animated stuff.

Today, when I type in my Dpaint res 768*576 (on my Amiga 500, and fairly new crt TV), I got flicker. If I reduce it, I got flicker.

1) I thought that Amiga (on the go) supported Pal TV res. What is the max A500 res can support without flicker?
2) What is the native A500 res (if there's anything like that). Like res, in what the most games are done (talking about big titles like: Turrican, Ruff'n'Tumble, Shadow of the beast... etc).
3) I know that "flickerfixer" was inside A3000. So, I always thought that it would fix res flickering beyond pal (tv capabilities). Does it fix that? Can you display (with flicker fixer) 1280x720 res on a standard crt TV?

And fourth question is never asked before, but:
Was anyone else disappointed with the A1200?
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