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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Here is a rendered hand animation from (drum roll please).... 1972!!

[ Show youtube player ]
Pretty impressive for the day, but the clue is in text "University of Utah".

Lots of American Universities had the resources to have very expensive machines on campus, and I guess Utah had the resources for some quite extraordinary computing power (for 1972).

I'm still doubting the veracity of the Xevious claim, because theres nothing remotely about the graphics in Xevious that suggest rendering would be quicker than hand animating.

I mean, they made fuck all effort on the music, but supposedly went all out to render some of the enemies!

Just sounds to me like one of those urban legends that stuck, no-one knows where it came from, but everyone believes it.

I certainly see no evidence of Namco using the techniques in further games, which surely, if it was an advanced technique for the day, it would be used more and more.

I don't know, just i'm not so ready to believe it, theres just nothing in Xevious that screams "look at me, i'm rendered baby, and I look all the better for it!!!"
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