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Thanks for this Toni, that did a big change for me!

I had some of the not-to-tick options ticked and some of the to-tick options not ticked. My environment is much faster now.

Many thanks for your advice.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Yeah but speed can change if you don't have "plain" fastest possible CPU mode when switching between different CPUs.

Make sure all following are not set:
- more compatible (both CPU and FPU)
- 24 bit addressing (unlikely to be set)
- Data cache emulation
- Both cycle exact modes (Chipset)

Make sure all following options are set:
- Fastest possible
- Unimplemented CPU emu
- Unimplemented FPU emu
- Immediate blitter (Chipset)

FPU mode = "Host (64-bit)"
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