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I have several SSDs in my Amigas. SSD on A4000 IDE works fine. SSD to IDE to SCSI adapter works on Warpengine, CSPPC, GVP Trexx-II. CF is also fine but price to GB is not nearly as good as an SSD and the price of the adapters is about the same.
Though it seems like there is some cache on the SSDs that the CFs don't usually have so that might be of some slight benefit.

However on my MorphOS machine that I mainly use for compiling I only get about six months out of an SSD before they start developing bad blocks due to the lack of TRIM support. But for a real Amiga that's mainly just reading from them it should be fine.

Some SSDs however are "different" in some way perhaps they don't fall back to the old PIO mode we are using or they don't like 1k blocks, I'm not sure what the issue is, they may appear to work at first but as soon as you start writing to them they start getting read errors all over the place, massive corruption starts up and in a matter of minutes it's all over with. Reformatting them they still work on the PC.

Can't speak for the TF330 or the rest of the TF series since I've not had the opportunity to use any of them.
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