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Originally Posted by davide78 View Post
Congratulations for the find! A pentium-4 system is too good for dos games only, you can also enjoy a lot of games of the win98 era.

I would include also some Sierra and Lucasfilm adventures to the list. And RTS games too:
command and conquer
command and conquer - red alert
warcraft 1 & 2
Dune II
Starcraft (this is a windows game)

As a fellow dos retrogamer, the fist thing I would check is sound blaster compatibility of the sound card. The pc is from an era where it cannot be taken for granted. You may have to load some dos drivers before playing the games, and the quality of audio in dos games can be anywhere from terrible to very good. Do not expect 100% compatibility in any case. Do you know what is the audio chip in the motherboard?

If you have sound issues, and the mb has a free ISA slot, you can solve the problem by installing a true sound blaster card or one of the many clones. If you have only PCI slots, there are a few cards from ESS and Yamaha with excellent dos compatibility.

The Celeron 1.7Ghz may be too fast for some games, you may need to slow it down either by disabling caches, lowering the clock, or by software tools. You can find a list of sensitive games here:
Thank you for all of your useful guidance you clearly know your stuff :-)
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