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Image 3 of 4 - P'n'C adventures

oh dear, this round is more difficult than I thought... once again. -_-; On average, the participants (22 in total, one from here) score less than half of the 16 points possible so far - and those were the "easy" pictures!
Until now we had well known classics (and one obscurity for each image), but picture number three is more mixed. In part genre defining classics, but also average titles and obscure games. Also the age range is twice as wide, from 1991 to 2012!

Will you still dare to try your luck??

deadline is end of March, participate via

@Nobby_UK: Congrats, you are currently number one across all forums! Let's see if you can keep that spot... maybe some other users from this board will join too? It feels like contribution has dried up after the quiz got moved to the competition section.

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