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Originally Posted by Gorf View Post
True to some point. We did a lot to improve our standing as a office-computer, e.g. by buying Applix and developing the first true all-plattform-office-suite.
Or by supporting the flicker free productivity-screenmode in Amber since 1989.

But to survive we needed numbers and 1992 was an excellent year to start with a 32-bit cd-equipped console. If you look back in history it is clear, that there was a big gap between 16-bit consoles and the arrival of the Sony PS.
We filled that gap.
Yes, but it's console market, not a computer.

I have miss the amber since 1989. But remember an interview of Jay Miner from 1988. He was asked "do you think Amiga can compete to PC (as the main platform). And he respond "No, i think it's too late". At the time i don't understand why he have said that. The Amiga is ahead from PC in many fields. But, he was right, now i see it.

But, you right, Commodore do a far better job with Amiga in your timelime. At the time, if Amiga have 11 % of the market, it have made me very happy.

The AmigaPS gave us the money we needed to buy Wang Laboratories. This acquisition made us finally a big player in the server and office market.
i miss that too, sorry.

It is a long and hard battle, but we fight it.
We are strong on multimedia, digital video and photo, DTP, databases (Wang), servers, networking and internet. The classical office is "surrounded" by us: as soon as you need one of the above features in addition to word and excel, you are better off with an Amiga.
And through our OLE patents we forced MS to port Office to AmigaOS and use our IFF-format to save files
As i see it, it's better to try to buy Microsoft and scrap all his products, best way to make PC disapear from the market.

The only software i know that Miscrosft have do for Amiga is an unoptimised software (AmigaBasic). They care nothing about optimizing and using Amiga.

I remember that native word processing software by indepent compagnies are always faster and better than what PC compagnies do on Amiga (wordperfect is what i have in mind)

It is hard for a single company to get a bigger share. We fight against many.
Microsoft had in fact 90 % of the computer market since years. So it is possible, but of course with a not so nice strategy.

But this can also be a good thing:
Look at Apple iOS vs. Android.
There are many companies selling Android phones - but actually only one of them in making some money (Samsung) - all others are so much fighting each other, that no one actually earns money!

And Apple? they do not license iOS. They provide hard- AND software and while only having 20% marketshare Apple gets 80% of all profit.

Ergo: as long as we make profit, 25% are healthy and enough to provide a good ecosystem for programmers and users.

And unlike Apple, we will not just sit on that money: we reinvest almost everything in research and development.
I don't really follow the mobile market, but i see what you mean.

research and development, i like it. In the beginning Commodore do it a lot. It's later they reduce it each years.

Our new mystery CPU will certainly turn the table a little bit in our favor.
And our new CPU will provide both!
so, i'm impatient to see what come next

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