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Programs should consist of a single Do Loop statement block called the Main loop. Subroutines should be positioned after the main loop and execute a list of instructions as quickly as possible then return to main loop. They should not contain Do Loop statements.

At the moment your program will do nothing else except handle the player. You will be unable to execute other instructions to handle playfield or collisions or enemys because your program will be stuck executing the infinte Do Loop statements. In addition, your joystick handling logic is not extensible and you will run into problems when trying to add other directions.

When it comes to images, you want every object for your game in the same bank. Loading up differant banks is perhaps something you might do between levels not in the middle of a joystick handling routine. You can easily add new images to your first bank using the object editor in AMOS.

I'm aware that I'm pointing out problems without solutions but my advice to you is forget about animation and flashy stuff for now. Write a simple game with a single screen tile based background and static images so that you can get to grips with program control and flow. Here's how that program code should roughly kind of look:

Declare and globalise variables

Run subroutines or procedures

Subroutines or procedures
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