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Originally Posted by Brick Nash View Post
Thanks I'll have a look!

It's the same animation for up down left and right but just flipped for left (and left up/down etc). I've got the movement and flipping working beautifully but I just can't seem to get the 'walking' animation to play when I move the joystick.
How about ....

If Joyleft(1)
inc Imageframe
bob blah,blah,blah ,Hrev(Imageframe)
Rem:appropriate frame count & reset here

etc etc.

The main problem with this idea is that you also have to keep track of which way it was flipped last because ALL flipped frames stay flipped until you change them.

So (say) you have 2 frames for left, then you move left twice, in the 2nd move, the bobs will be flipped back to their normal position, this is why I dont like the Rev commands much.

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