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Originally Posted by ccapublic View Post
Using AOS4.1U6, WinUAE crashes (minidump) right after selecting a uaegfx mode.
Workaround found. Does not seem related to new version as it was still failing after updating winuae. Seems to be related to the amount of memory allocated by winuae and maybe constraints on the allocation, as well as JiT active or not. To make it work I had to :

- disable 68k JiT (simply reducing cache size or playing with JiT options did nothing)

- reduce z3 fast to 128mb (while keeping 64mb vram and 8mb motherboard fzst)

- I can push z3 fast to 256mb if I remove motherboard fast and reduce vram to 32mb.

I must say running ppc emulation on those bay trail 2gb memory little pc is not really meaningful but well I do this for fun and it now works.

Will try on my i7 laptop asap.

Note : is NOBLITTER status the same (ie potentially slower and less stable for now) ?

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