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VASM fatal error..

Ive been getting along quite well with Vasm for a couple of days now,
just setup my first linking file and all is working as expected.

Then I suddenly get this when adding a little more code.

Assembling, Compiling, and Linking dh0\mydemo.exe

fatal error 8: cannot resolve section <mycode>, maximum number of passes reached

vasmm68k_mot  -x -maxerrors=50 -m68000 -opt-brajmp -Fhunk -align -phxass "source
\main.s" -o "source\main.o" -I"%VBCC%/targets/m68k-amigaos/ndk/include_i" -I"Sou
rce" -quiet  failed: No error
Press any key to continue . . .

I remove a few lines of code and it assembles and links again, do I need to increase a buffer size or something like that. Looks like something might be overflowing.

	move.l	d1,d0
	add.l	#(80*256),d0
	move	d0,CopperScreen3+6
	swap 	d0
	move	d0,CopperScreen3+2
	; move.l	d1,d0
	; add.l	#(120*256),d0
	; move	d0,CopperScreen4+6
	; swap 	d0
	; move	d0,CopperScreen4+2
The above code is what im working on, if I leave it as you see it, everything works as expected. If I uncomment those last 5 lines the above assembly error triggers.


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