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I would say that what Xenon 2 offers when it comes to stills... it doesn't offer when it comes to gameplay. Yes, the soundtrack was very original and daring for its time... but, hey, who likes to listen to a 10-second long loop all the way through the game? Yes, the gameplay was rather orginal back in the days with its shops... but, hey, who likes to play a game that lacks smooths scrolling, offers special weponry that really feels like it is put in there only to make the game seem cooler than it is (but not at all because it is needed) and overall feels quite sluggish in its controls? Yes, the graphics were rather good for its time... but, hey, today it seems rather monotonous and stale and the levels are too long and repetative to really manage to hold up ones interest for long. It just feels dated, in every possible aspect besides when it comes to stills... and when it comes to the original Xenon I can't consider it being much more than rubbish in every possible aspect.

...but, on the other hand... we all do differ, and what I consider being a bad game (which I really do think Xenon 2 is) someone else can consider pure genius. So it is in the end not really much more than a matter of taste...

If you are looking for high-quality SHMUPs to be played on the Amiga I would recommend Z-Out (R-Type clone), Apidya, Project-X (no, it isn't as hard as people claim... one just has to 'learn' the levels with the help of good old 'trial & error'), Battle Squadron and uhm some more... there are other good SHMUPs aswell, but these just do feel like a good place to start.

I had completely forgotten about the longplayer site... have to check it out at once... and if I hadn't been such a failure when it comes to recording good quality movies I would have done my best to add a Turrican II movie where I run through the game without dying once with 40+ lives left when the credits start to roll; the one and only game I really do feel like I've got what it takes to play in an impressive way...
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