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Hi Arnie!

Sure: when you are playing a game in AmigaForever (I bought the 2014 Plus Edition, v6.9.3.3), at the bottom of the window (in window mode), you have a tool bar with various "buttons" (some look like 3 1/2 disks, others like a camera).

The first choice is "Options", it looks like, uh..., a green led? and when you click it, this pop-up menu appears, which offers you the choice to "Save Snapshot": this choice create a rp9-snapshot file with which you can start your game exactly where you left it Buuut, to use a rp9-snapshot, it seems that you must have in the same directory the original rp9 file from which you started the game...

... So, my guess is that we could legally share rp9-snapshot, what do you think?
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