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Although i dabble with whdload / jst in the early years (97 i think) thet were not reall that impressive... yeah there were some installs... but mainly to platform games that really didn`t work for.... most of the games i played most infact had genuine hard disk installers or could be made so with a disk copy or two and a few handy "assigns"..(and snoopdos )

now in 2004/5 I kinda got back into the amiga, intially by emu, which had come a VERY long way as had the power of PC's to emulate, within a month or two it had me running down to storage to get my miggies outa the boxes so to speak...

after playing with adf's and the such like I found a lot of pre-installed games under WHD... infact i could hardly find anything under its rival JST then my m8 whom had been hearing about my retr0 kick with amiga goes and leaches a DVD's worth whd-pre-installed games...

it was only after reviewing all these classic games and seeing all the work that went into it I realised that WHD had become something special to the community in my absence...

and then it dawned on me... that as there are very fragile flames in our little passions, this should be supported as such and then i registered!
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