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@icycool: thanks alot for adding the index (nfo/txt) files.
$ grep -i surface *
Northern Palace BBS CD24, The (1997-06 -).nfo: Surface Effektors/Dynamic Surface Effekts
Scepsis BBS CD04 (1997-05 - 1997-07 -).nfo: Surface Effektors/Dynamic Surface Effekts
the comment suggest it is the same archive, the Northern Palace version is bad,
missing the lightwave plugin (empty disk).
but this way, I dont have to download the whole folder - only 2 ISOs. thanks again

#2) this is ridiculous. 3rd different set and again 2nd disk is empty, not a single bit,
disksalv cannot find anything:
 670260 LW_SurfaceEffector 1.11-1.DMS
   2569 LW_SurfaceEffector 1.11-2.DMS
 673174 NPalace-SRFEFF1.DMS
   5483 NPalace-SRFEFF2.DMS
 676730 SRFEFF1-Scepsis.BBS.CD04.DMS
   9039 SRFEFF2-Scepsis.BBS.CD04.DMS
SRFEFF2.DMS  N   9039  06-22-97  <==========================================>
                                  Surface Effektors/Dynamic Surface Effekts
                                     Version 1.11 ... for LIGHTWAVE  2/2
                                  ...depack and copy to the subdirectory...
                                         ThiZ File Is only 3KB !!!!!
erm, copy what?

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