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Originally Posted by th4t1guy View Post
I guess it's different. Mine reads:

S ZOOL 1 02

With "13" embossed.
Interesting. That seems to match the PAL release on HOL, although it's a bit hard to tell from the scan resolution. You get none of the behavior I described from my version? Seems like it was indeed a misprint. I wonder if it was a whole production run, or if just a few PAL discs ended up in the printer while it was labeling the NTSC discs.

Originally Posted by TjLaZer View Post
Thanks for the upload Matt! WHDLoad version in da Zone!
Oh, WHDLoad can't do the CD32 version justice - you lose the CD soundtrack!

Such a shame that the floppy version only allowed you to choose music OR sound effects. Also unfortunate that the CD32 version forced to you pick a single music track for the whole game, but at least there were sound effects to go with it. They finally got it right with Zool 2 - unique CD track for every level, plus sound effects.
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