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Originally Posted by Mrz View Post
I was researching on the web and it seems the only floppy drives with speed motor control or variable speed are the old MAC 800k floppy drives

but those floppy drives were very expensive, even today are expensive
and perhaps the reason because SYBIL was done, because the SYBIL was cheapeast than a MAC drive

I wonder which floppy drive+motor speed control can work with powercopy,
the powercopy' author don't specify nothing which model, which brand????
wtf ?

is there a way to connect a MAC 800k floppy drive to the AMiga?
I created SYBIL to duplicate disks using a single drive (Supercard Ami required two drives). I also created a version of SYBIL to read/write Mac disks on a standard Amiga drive specifically for Readysoft. When Readysoft decided to back out of our deal (after we had already made the fist batch of SYBILs) I created EMPLANT out of spite. SYBIL changed the clock speed of the Amiga, which in turn changed the clock speed of PAULA. This let me "virtually" change the drive speed by changing the clocking of PAULA. You can also create long tracks using a drive that can have it's speed changed via a pot. Weakbits, Strongbits (no flux areas), can all be written on a stock Amiga without needing any extra hardware.

I was not aware that anyone wrote software that supports SYBIL. I will have to check out wwarp. The SYBIL copier/imager was really popular with the BBS crowd because you could share disk images of copy protected disks.

Rob's Copylock uses normal sectors. If you scan the disk it looks perfectly normal. The drive speed (or data clocking) is varied for each sector. The protection times how long each sector takes to be clocked in with whatever controller is being used (Amiga, Atari ST, etc.) Unless you deliberately scan the sectors for time you would miss this. Of course flux copiers duplicated this with no problems.

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