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Thank you!!
This was really helpful. Unfortunately my tracer was a little buggy. So I was not able to catch the accesses at 0xde1000.

The "Gayle-check" is: (hope its helpful for Toni)

write 00h to 0xde1000
read byte 0xde1000 with bit 7 set
read byte 0xde1000 with bit 7 set
read byte 0xde1000 with bit 7 cleard
read byte 0xde1000 with bit 7 set

Then the Kickstart accepts Gayle and accesses HD. Works even with 37.300 (A600).

trace looks like this:
p00fb6b80t00daa000 1w 80808080
p00fb7074t00de109a 2w bfffbfff
p00fb70b4t00de1000 1w 00000000
p00fb7044t00de1000 1r ffff0000
p00fb7044t00de1000 1r ffffc000
p00fb7044t00de1000 1r 7fff0000
p00fb7044t00de1000 1r ffffc000
p00fb70d4t00da2018 1w a0a0a0a0
p00fb70d8t00da2010 1r 34ff34ff
P00fbcf98T00da9000 1r 7fffffff
P00fbcfa4T00daa000 1r 00000000

(p=pc, t=target addr, 1=byte 2=word, r=read w=write, data transferred format: bbxxxxxx wwwwxxxx)

do you have bit-assignments for the Gayle registers (0xda8000,0xda9000,0xdaa000,0xdab000)?

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