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Originally Posted by ReadOnlyCat View Post
Oh, oki. That is good to know, thanks!
I wonder if anyone has ever written a program which scans the audio registers once per scanline to "digitize" the Amiga audio output? Would be super practical to compare the output of two different players.
Sounds like too much work when you can just dump the audio as a .WAV from WinUAE. Though it's not 100% like Amiga audio (close enough), it's still perfect for comparing two replayers as long as the replayer audio start offset is aligned in the WAV files.
I tend to use my ears instead! Replayer bugs/differences are usually audible, depending on what was changed... Best way to test is to just feed them a whole bunch of different MODs, or make your own test MOD which tests all effects and known PT MOD quirks, where you remember exactly how it should sound.

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