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Yeah, agree that it needs something better...

Anyway, only wanted it to do some tests / comparisons in latest 3600 betas, but in meantime have find other way with CPU Freq Custom!

1) WinUAE 3600b10 Quickstart A1200 (basic, non-expanded) + CPU Freq Custom (cache enabled):
INFECT-Harmagedon: >=15.214630 MHz (no black screen with music after harmagedon logo)
Oops-Anniversary: =10.800000 MHz (much less glitches on top left line)
SHD-Revelation: >=15.649334 MHz (no glitches on plasma part)
NOVA-SohoA: <=11.653759 MHz (no glitches at floppy disk rotation)
CHRYSEIS&POSEIDON-botm: !? MHz (didnt manage to find a custom freq that can fix the PHOTO$ cube rotation part)
Gods-Olympe: <=8.787058 MHz (no waiting at track 77)

2) WinUAE 3600b10 Quickstart A1200 (basic, non-expanded) + blitter_cycle_exact disabled in the config:
If in the Quickstart A1200 (basic, non- expanded) config file change:

US-YulBrynnerwSkinh: (no glitches at the last "US" rotation part)
SHD-Revelation: (no glitches on plasma part)
CHRYSEIS&POSEIDON-botm: (no glitches at the PHOTO$ cube rotation part)

And all other (previously problematic in 3400) demos seem to work fine in latest 3600b10! (great)

EDIT: I see there is new 3600b12 with enabled speed slider... will check it tomorrow. (thx)

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