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CPU speed slider in memory cycle-exact mode

Used config: Quickstart A1200 (basic non-expanded) + disabled "Cycle-exact (Full)" + enabled "Cycle-exact (DMA/Memory accesses)" only! (aka memory cycle-exact mode config)

After WinUAE 3400 version the "CPU Speed" slider does not change the CPU speed when the "Chipset" is in the memory cycle-exact mode!?
Now it work only when both cycle-exact: "DMA/Memory accesses" and "Full" are disabled!

As in the mentioned memory cycle-exact mode config the CPU Frequency is fixed at 8x, this is too fast and takes too much cpu ussage, so would like
to have possibility to use the CPU speed slider to reduce the speed.

Is it possible to enable the "CPU Speed" slider to work again when in the memory cycle-exact mode config in next WinUAE 3600 betas, as it worked fine in WinUAE 3400 and previous versions? (thx)
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