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Originally Posted by bippym View Post

With some adjustments this game should run in 512kb chip + fast.

Allocating the display and freeing after instead of allocating them all at program start. Only load in the sprites/music as and when needed, and for that level.

You'd need to determine how much chip-ram you are actually using, and see where it can be saved.
I have modified the code and made some bug fixes. It can now run on 512K CHIP + 512K other booting from floppy, it probably isn't the best looking code but it does the job.

To make it run on 512K CHIP + 512K other I free and create the bitmaps only when they are needed. The problem with only loading in sprites and music as needed is the speed of reading from floppy, from HDD shouldn't be a problem. Because of this speed issue the IFFs and sounds that are only loaded when needed had to be located in RAM. I think this will cause moments when the total memory usage is higher than the original version, but it uses less CHIP memory so will work on 512K CHIP + 512K other config.

ADF and source can be found on this page of my website.

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