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i can say for sure the g5 quad is a great machine worst supported by apple (the horrible apple policy) i had many poc machine from the classic a4000 to mini g4 to the powerbooks and all the ng amigas (not x1000 soon x5000)
and intel last gen mac too... the g5 continue be my favorite if i compare the age of it with the performance.

ok returning it topic.
the fs- uae gave me with opitimized =0 about 13mips performance
model a4000
euae in not jit 38mips in jit 98/105 (and tobias make many turn round for have this performance because the really poor documentations of the cpu. )
i will check better the compatibility in next days for fs uae and report.
im sure if one day fs uae will have the "virtualized" cpu like sheepshaver on the g5 we will face a ultra fast machine with aos 4.1 .

the problem of euae is yes old build , but much more worts only interpretative fpu
hope in future everything will be better

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