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Don't expect too much Akira, FS-UAE is focusing on accuracy instead of speed. My configuration is a PowerMac MDD with 2x1.50 GHz G4 Cpu, 2 Gb of RAM with CL2 latency and a Radeon X800XT, even if this setup is a really fast G4 the most part of Amiga programs I launch runs choppy but I am not worried about that because If I want pure fun (with the good old amiga demos for example) I run E-UAE JIT and I'm happy.
FS-UAE is much up-to-date compared to E-UAE and I always preferred accuracy and completeness over speed, if I can't run smoothly a program is my bad because my slow computer but with a G5 machine things would be very different. I also hope that someday the E-UAE mantainers will look into FS-UAE project to put together the best and fastest Amiga emulator for OSX PPC Macs available :-)

About the FS-UAE PPC binary you will find the 2.5.11dev version in The Zone area, I upload every successful build there. Have fun :-)

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