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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Hey Kipper I'd buy one to support the project as I have with most of your other items, the RGB output is nice to have and the mouse port too.

Fast Ram would be a nice bonus and would probably help some games. You could make up some nice bootable WHDLoad compilations I'd imagine!

As for further upgrades I was reading in Jen's thread you need CIA's, how easy are these to get hold of? The CD32 does need some kind of all in one Ram/IDE expansion

thanks Steve,

there are lots of CIA's around, both in DIP and PLCC design, I know vesalia has a stock of them and there are 2 available on every broken Amiga so i think there is a supply (until the rush starts lol). I really hope people don't throw away their broken Amigas, apart from being inhuman there are so many salvageable parts there
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