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Expansion board for the CD32

Hi all,

I was able to source the expansion port connectors for the CD32. I intend on making an expansion board that will allow people to make their own boards and just plug in their boards to my header (their board would be internal hopefully). And no, its not going to be expensive

Basically the board will have 2 connectors on it, one that plugs into the CD32 expansion port and the other slot will allow people to plug in their own boards. The idea being that people can create their own boards without worrying about finding the edge board connectors, they simply just make their boards to plug into a connector.

I think the lack of connectors has made expansion for the CD32 difficult and i believe there are people who would love extra ram, acceleration, IDE, Scart, sound, usb etc so now is your chance to make this real

Update 9 Jun 2014...

Here is a link for Stedy's progress on wordpress for the fastmem/IDE expansion board portion. "Project Hermes"

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