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on to the next movie, since everybody seems to agree with me on the Mummy 3

The title I just saw is "Jumper", with the same actor who played Anakin Skywalker in SW 2 & 3. While I really did not like him in Star Wars (he played the role like a bad emo kid), in this movie he is actually okay. The movie itself is also that, okay. It is actually more a video game than a movie in style, much like XXX only without the "I live for this shit!" crap comments. And we have Samuel L. Jackson with white hair... I'm sorry, but african american guy + white hair simply seems against nature to me.

I'm not going to rant much about this movie. It is a little low on story yet again, but the content more than makes up for it in style, flair, flashy action scenes and some nice scenery from all over the world (egypt, amazon, antarctica, new york, tokyo, etc.). Thank god there is no "to be continued" type of ending, this is fine as one movie but a repeat would be boring.

So my opinion: popcorn movie, but watch at home. I rate it a solid 7 for entertainment value.
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