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Originally Posted by leeuwtje View Post
If it does support music, it was a cd32 game that was simply ported from A500 or AGA A1200 in the time. Like CD32 slave 'arabian nights' (You could say the hack in this case was done on the original.) (many of them).
Arabian Nights CD32 have also CD32 joypad support, which is very handful. You can play game with only joypad.

Originally Posted by leeuwtje View Post
Some of the whdload slaves have this, some have not. Since there are many games available based on many different versions, it is impossible to find the 2 button modded ones easily.
Really? Did You look on mentioned before list of games supporting two or more buttons? It's nowdays list of almost all games for Amiga supporting this feature.

Originally Posted by leeuwtje View Post
What I need to know, is how to use that list and choose the right version among 10 different version of an individual game at the eab server.
Simply look on mentioned list and choose newest available slave version from these.
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