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You shouldn't be extracting any of these .LHA archives via Windows as you will definitely run into problems later; due to files / folders that contain non-Windows compliant stuff like "spaces only" or contain hashes / other characters that Windows cannot handle etc.

...not to mention that protection bits are lost.
It should not matter for whdload archives (although sometimes it does).

Since games are burned on WHDLoad xmas CDs for developpers, extra care is done so the files are ISO9660 compliant. That rules out a lot of crap characters.

Most of the time, whdload slaves are usually adapted to run with modified names (Puzznic, and a couple others). I "love" the "a lot of spaces in the end of the name" thing...

Protection bits aren't usually an issue either inside whdload. Having to use Amiga LHA to extract files is a rare exception

Only do this extraction process on a real Amiga or inside emulation; hence why they are .LHA archives, and have been created on a real Amiga or via emulation to begin with.
Yes, the other way round is more problematic: lha archiver on windows creates archives with root user (userid 0) and other problematic stuff. When I create a lha archive for Amiga, I always use the amiga side.
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