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Originally Posted by 005AGIMA View Post
[...] As for me, my kids (19 years old) THRASH me at Halo now most of the time, to the point they dont like playing me that much, and I'm only in my 40's [...]
So true . As we say "the return of the crank handle" (the backlash/kick-back). Mines are smaller but Adventure games are cool as you have to "think" to solve the adventure more than "act" to beat the others .
But well, as long as I can finish a game like SotB I think I still have some kind of good reflexes even if I get my ass kicked in Street Fighter most of the time now .

Originally Posted by 005AGIMA View Post
[...] Play for fun, and win or loose, you win.
That's incarnate wisdom

@BullyDog : Maybe you will discover interest to new games' type (you didn't suspected) and will continue enjoying the entertainment. The pleasure you get from a game is not just a matter of reflexes

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